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Autodidacticism is a self-paced learning style of education that does not require any supervision. This self-directed learning allows students to learn without a formal education. An autodidact looks for knowledge out of their own will and interest and curiosity. They do not bound themselves to the traditional classroom methods of school education. Autodidacticism allows individuals to choose the subjects they wish to study. It lets them do a lot of individual tasks which is useful to their growth.

Even though an autodidact carries out their education independently, they can still consult others for learning. An individual can commence autodidacticism at any point in their life as and when he/she wants. This method does not only depend on books and can include practical examples from life too. The urge to learn and taking responsibility for it is the main feature of this style of autodidacticism.

Autodidacticism benefits include improving your skills without relying on someone, ownership of learning, and the following passion. It lets you self-evaluate and improve one’s performance and devise new strategies for it. It is a self-motivated learning method and allows you to set your goals, discipline, and excel at your pace. Autodidacticism drives you to push yourself with challenges, remain open-minded, and flexible about achieving them.

Some of the famous people are The Wright Brothers, Leonardo da Vinci, and Mark Twain. Autodidacticism allows out-of-the-box thinking because there is no limit or supervision. Various methods provide free access to self-learning tools and timely support.

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology