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Authorization Letter

An authorization letter is a formal letter, and hence it follows a format mostly similar to the format of a formal letter. An authorization letter is generally handed over in person and hence you can start the letter with the name and address of the receiver. There must be a mention of the date on which the letter is written. 

The subject line denotes the purpose of the letter. After the subject line, the salutations follow.  The salutation is used to mention the name of the person you are authorizing and the action to be performed clearly. Once that is done, see to it that there is an acknowledgement or thank the person for understanding the situation and showing a willingness to the request. Use a complimentary closing to finish the letter. Be sure to sign and write your name in block letters below your signature for clarity.

The authorization letter format includes the address and date of the authorizer, salutation, body of the letter with the name and signature of the person that is being authorised, the reason for unavailability, complimentary closing, signature, and name of the authorizer.

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