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Attendance Register

Attendance Register is a tool to record the regularity of a student, teacher, employee on a day-to-day basis. It is used for payroll/salary purposes except for students. It consists of records of payroll heads used to calculate the salary like the present, absent, late comings, holidays, on-job training, and other kinds of applicable leaves. Teachers, Office Admins, and SME business owners need to keep records of employees’ attendance in detail.

Types of Attendance Register

There are basically 3 types of attendance registers:

Student Attendance Registers

Student Attendance Registers are used to maintain records of the absence, presence, paid leave, etc. related to every employee for the purposes of payroll, salary, etc. yearly. This register consists of payroll head records such as absent, present, holidays, latecomings, job training, and other kinds of leaves used to calculate the salary.

Student Attendance Register

Student Attendance Register is used to check which students are attending the class. It helps teachers maintain the record of students absent, present, on leave, etc. in the class for an entire academic year. Additionally, this helps to reduce the workload of teachers and save many hours that can be utilized in more fruitful tasks. 


The main objective of maintaining attendance registers in schools and colleges is to undergo the attendance process. The benefits of maintaining student attendance registers are listed below:

  • Keeps a watchful check on students A significant number of students, particularly in higher grades, resort to proxy attendance as a means to manage their daily attendance. To address this issue and promote discipline and punctuality among students, it is crucial to maintain the school attendance register and implement biometric attendance systems. These measures eliminate the possibility of student manipulation during the attendance process.
  • Promotes safety Maintaining the school attendance register ensures the safety of both children as well as the school. The school authority can keep a close check on the regularity of the students which helps in maintaining discipline in the organization.
  • Helps in sending instantaneous notice to parents Keeping a strict record of the school attendance register helps the school authority to track the activity of the students. They can send immediate notification to parents if the child has not come to the class.

The student attendance register typically contains:

  1. Student Information: Names, IDs, or other identifiers for each student enrolled. This information helps in identifying students on various bases. Student attendance register plays an important role in daily
  2. Dates: Records attendance for specific dates, usually organised by day, week, or month. Student attendance register help in keep track of different dates and events that happened on that date. Keeping track of different dates and events is very important.
  3. Attendance Status: Marked as present, absent, late, or other relevant statuses. Student attendance register helps in keeping track of attendance.
  4. Reasons for Absence: Sometimes, a brief note explaining the reason for absence might be included. It helps in keeping track of the reason behind the absence of the student for any kind of leave, whether the reason for absence was true or not.
  5. Total Attendance: Cumulative data showing the total number of days a student has been present or absent within a certain period.

The format or the type of student attendance register used can vary according to the institution. Many schools use paper-based registers whereas some advanced institutions prefer to use online attendance register systems. Student attendance is used in every institution, the format doesn’t matter much.

Timesheet Attendance Register

Timesheet Attendance Registers are used to monitor and record the number of hours employees have put in and are subsequently paid on an hourly basis. These payments may be daily, twice a week, or every week. In other words, these registers record the man-hours spent by the employee at their job. Generally, it is simply a sheet of paper with the necessary data arranged in a tabular format. However, timesheets have now become digital. Timesheets summarise hours worked by every worker during a particular pay period and record the time of arrival and departure of workers.

Frequently asked questions regarding attendance

Q.1) Why is attendance important?

Attending classes regularly can be beneficial for the students in a lot of ways. Whenever the students miss classes for a few days, their grades tend to fall and they struggle with their studies. Students who attend their classes regularly can score better marks and build up a strong future.

Q.2) How to improve attendance? 

Attendance is an important part in a student’s academic result. Therefore it is important to maintain a good attendance record. A student can improve attendance by preventing illness, maintaining a good sleep schedule, avoiding being late, maintaining emotional well-being, and many more. 

Q.3) What are the positive effects of attendance? 

Attendance and achievements are two aspects which go hand in hand. Attending classes regularly helps to have a better clarity of concepts. Students who attend classes on a regular basis are able to learn more effectively, have fewer discipline problems, develop better study habits and often are more successful than students who do not. 

Q.4) How is attendance calculated? 

In order to calculate Average Daily Attendance, one would add up the number of days a student has been present within a specific date range, divide it by the number of days school was in session and then multiply by 100. This is the mathematical way to calculate the student’s attendance and maintain an accurate attendance record.

Q.5) How much attendance is necessary? 

The attendance criteria differs as per the institutions (schools, colleges, offices, etc). In schools, an aggregate of seventy five percent attendance is required. Whereas in colleges or workplaces the minimum percentage of attendance required differs.

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