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Assistant Professor Salary

Assistant Professor Salary

Assistant professors are people who are usually employed by colleges to provide education to undergraduates. They usually hold either master’s degrees or a Ph.D. The position of assistant professor is not that uncommon and is also called lecturer in some countries. Teaching in a college is considered a status symbol in third world countries like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, etc. and therefore, assistant professor jobs are in high demand in such countries. This is not to say that the job is considered a menial job in first world countries like the US, Canada, Sweden, etc. They are decent-paying jobs and hence sought after in those countries as well.

A lot of people want to know about assistant professor salary because of the high demand of the job. An assistant professor salary can range between 30,000 to 50,000 INR on average depending on their experience and qualification. It is pretty good in terms of job security and pay scale, and different levels of assistant professor jobs are available.

Tenure-based assistant professor jobs are entry-level jobs and the pay starts at around 25,000 INR. However, this depends on the institution to which you are applying. Private colleges, in general, offer considerably less salary than government and government-aided colleges. Even though this is not always the case (some well-established private colleges offer tenure-based assistant professors much more salary than government) on the whole, this generalization holds true.

After tenure-based assistant professors, we come to the permanent staff. These are either tenure-based assistant professors who have proven themselves worthy of their job or directly appointed via entrance exams or government appointments. Such jobs are generally offered by the government or government-aided institutions.

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