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Army Public School

Army Public School is a term used to refer to a system of private schools established for the education of the children of the people who work in the Indian armed forces. With 137 schools all over the country, it is among the biggest chains of schools in India. Army public school education is managed and governed by the Army Welfare Education Society (AWES). 

The AWES was established in 1983 and has, over the years, established over 135 Army public schools and 249 Army pre-primary schools all across the Indian subcontinent, while also having several institutions of higher education. From just a mere 20,000-student population in 1987, army public schools have grown to mammoth proportions with a student strength of over two hundred and thirty thousand as well as over eight thousand five hundred teaching staff. On average, five thousand students join army public school every year. 

Army schools are managed by the army regional commands and follow the CBSE pattern of education. As for the admission process, it is granted to students to the wards of Army personnel on the basis of priority. Every army school will have a chairman who is a senior Indian Army officer who has a brigadier rank as well as a patron who is of major general rank.

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