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ARIIA Full Form – Atal Ranking of Institutions on Innovation Achievements

The Atal Ranking of Institutions on Innovation Achievements, often referred to by its more commonly used abbreviation ARIIA, is an initiative of the MoE or the Ministry of Education under the government of India to systematically rank all major higher educational institutions and universities in India on the basis of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development when it comes to students and faculty members.

For India to become a global innovation hub, the youth of the country, especially those in higher education institutions, or HEIs for short, must play a critical role in creating a sustainable innovation ecosystem. Ideally, all HEIs need to have a functional and comprehensive mechanism to convert research into innovations. Such an ecosystem will encourage, inspire and nurture young students by showing them new ideas and processes that result in innovative activities in their formative years.

Major indicators for consideration when it comes to being included in ARIIA include:

  • Infrastructure and related Facilities
  • Awareness, Promotion and support for Idea Generation and Innovation
  • Budget and Funding Support
  • Innovative Learning Methods and Courses
  • Promotion and Active Support of Entrepreneurship Development
  • Intellectual Property Generation, Commercialization, and Technology Transfer
  • Innovation in Governance of the Institution.

This ranking will definitely inspire Indian institutions to reorient their mindset and create ecosystems so as to encourage high quality research, entrepreneurship, and innovation. More than quantity, ARIIA focuses on the quality of innovations and measure the real impact created by these innovations both on a nationally as well as international level. Furthermore, ARIIA will set the tone and direction for institutions for further development for making them globally competitive and in the forefront of innovation.

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