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AQAR Full Form – Annual Quality Assurance Report 

The Annual Quality Assurance Report is an annual report that all accredited institutions should submit to NAAC every year according to the format prescribed online. All the HEIs accredited by NAAC must submit the  AQAR report to NAAC every year. The time period for submitting the same is the academic year – that is, for example, June 1, 2012, to May 31, 2013. 

AQAR is required helpful to know the improvements of the institution after its accreditation. It is a useful document that paints an overall picture of the institutional growth in all of NAAC’s seven criteria identified for the year and also provides systematic data when it comes to several improvements that need to be taken up by the institution.

An important question that arises at such a juncture is this – what happens if an academic institution does not submit its annual quality assessment report?

Submission is evidently mandatory for all accredited institutions and is in fact, one of the mandatory requirements for subsequent cycles of accreditation. If the institution does not submit its earlier quality assessment report on time, it needs to be submitted before filling up the IIQA or at least before submitting its RAR report to NAAC. From January 1, 2019, onwards only online AQAR will be accepted.

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