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Apprenticeship is skill-based training that is a combination of classroom training and practical training. It provides an on-the-job learning experience for individuals who want to focus on a specific field in an industry or organization. It is a program that allows the learning of a job, art, or trade under the supervision of some trained expert. 

Apprenticeship is both short-term and long-term, and the length of a skill training program varies in different industries. Upon completion of their designated tasks and achieving the desired results, the trainee or apprentice is awarded a certificate of completion. 

India launched the Apprentices Act in 1961. Under this law, it is mandatory for private and public sector organizations to engage apprentices for a certain time, depending upon the nature of the job. Each organization has a specific number of seats that are allotted to apprentices who meet the criteria and profile of the work.

Termed as one of the oldest methods of learning provided in organizations, apprenticeship is an active learning experience. It can be categorized into a company-based and a school-based apprenticeship. Apprenticeship in Teaching (AT) is specially designed to help graduate students and other developing teachers become more reflective and skilled instructors. It helps them to be more informed about teaching strategies and methods.

The idea of a company-based apprenticeship revolves around employing the youth with little or no experience until they become trained. The school-based apprenticeship involves students enrolling in skill-enhancing training in a school that will prepare them for their future profession. Academic advisors suggest students take up apprenticeships.

Individuals or students are open to choose a field based on their interest from a wide range of options both in school-based and company-based apprenticeships. This gives them a combination of conceptual and application-based learning, skill development, and financial independence.

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