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Applied Research

Every research starts with a clear delineation of the investigation’s purpose because this goes a long way to determining the research process or methodology that needs to be adopted. In this sense, a researcher might choose to carry out basic research or applied research. 

Applied research is intent on offering answers to specific questions in an attempt to provide a solution to a defined problem. It is a type of research design that solves a specific problem or provides innovative solutions to issues that affect a society, individual, and group. It is commonly referred to as contractual research or scientific method of inquiry because it involves the practical application of scientific methods to everyday problems. 

When doing applied research, the researcher must take extra care to identify a particular problem, develop a research hypothesis, and go ahead to test them via an experiment. In many cases, this research approach makes use of empirical methods to solve practical problems. 

Applied research is sometimes considered a non-systematic inquiry because of its direct approach to finding a solution to a problem. It is generally a follow-up research design for further investigating the findings of pure or basic research to validate these findings and then apply them to create innovative solutions.     

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