Annual Function Of School

Annual Function Of School

Annual function of school is one the most awaited events for the students during their school life.
Every child, teachers, and even parents of the students wait for the annual function of school. Every gets to enjoy, celebrate, and have fun together. Annual Day is an important element of every school’s calendar. It is a time of celebration, felicitation, feasting, and festivity when students not only present their outstanding performances but also earn awards for their academic and co-curricular achievements. The annual functions usually includes various activities by the students, insightful speeches and lectures by the people with valuable experience, competitions, food fests, and interactions, etc. Here are some activities that are very common in the annual function of school-

Dance Performances- Students prepare dance performances of different styles are than perform in front of their teachers, friends, and parents.

Singing Competitions- Various singing competitions are also organized for the students who have interest in teaching.

Chief Guests- Many schools invite Chief Guests in the annual function to be a part of the event. These Chief Guests than deliver an insightful speech and enjoy the whole event.


1- How many times does annual function take place?

Answer- Such events generally take place once a year.

2- Are annual functions interesting?

Answer- Yes, with the right combination of fests and events, the function becomes really interesting.

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