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Analytical Reasoning

Analytical reasoning is a critical reasoning test apart from logical reasoning. These tests are designed to evaluate the candidate’s ability to interpret patterns, numbers, and sequences. These tests help in assessing a candidate’s ability to use structured thinking to deduce from short passages the accurate response to the questions asked. Some tips for answering analytical reasoning are – visualizing the information in the prompt, underlining the keywords in the questions, making an inference before answering, answering the questions in reverse, and applying the process of elimination. Questions in analytical reasoning can be categorized into topics like Statement and Statement, Statement and Assumption, Statement and Conclusion, Statement and Course of Action, and syllogism. Some other topics that come under analytical reasoning are – Direction, Conditions, Grouping, Blood relation questions, simple and coded inequalities, ranking and time sequence, jumbled relation, seating arrangement questions, complex arrangement, problems on ages, etc. Cause and Effects and so on. These types of questions are very important in competitive exams like GRE, Bank exams, Civil services, IBPS PO and Clerk. The difficulty of these tests depends on the intent and objective of the conducting authority for the test.

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