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Alternative Schools

Alternative Schools are educational organizations that work differently from the traditional schools; Their teaching methods and curriculums are different from conventional schooling systems.

These schools accommodate those students whose requirements cannot be addressed in traditional schools. Alternative schools focus on behavioral and emotional development, along with academics in an open learning structure. Their teaching methods are considerably different.

They emphasize on individual growth by therapeutic methods of skill development. These schools enroll students with special needs, drop-outs or the ones who do not like public schooling methods. Children with a special talent in a specific field like music, sports can also take admission in such schools for enhancing their talent. 

Alternative schools work with the mission of developing confidence, creative thinking and skills among its students, so that they become competent for the future.

Alternative Schools were first established in the 1960s to fulfil the requirements of those children who were not able to cope in the regular school environment. They invited the voluntary participation of students during that time. With the small size of classes, customised curriculum and self-learning environment, these schools gained success.

Alternative schools may be a part of the public school system but are distinguished by their teaching methods. They meet a child’s special needs and focus on them individually. They focus on the inclination of students towards a field and groom them towards that so that they become successful in life. 

Some examples of alternative schools in India are; Centre for learning, The Heritage School, Mirambika amongst others. These schools have adopted experimental learning for students to cater to their needs. Academic achievements are not the sole aim of these schools.

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