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Accreditation Meaning

Accreditation Meaning

The term Accreditation meaning refers to the recognition awarded to schools and colleges which maintain a respectable educational standard. Its goal is to ensure that every school meets acceptable quality levels. Accreditation is the acknowledgment of a school’s quality from an official body. The two kinds of Accreditation are Institutional and Specialised. 

In Institutional Accreditation, the school gets evaluated as a whole, only after which the status is granted. While in Specialised Accreditation, individual programs get examined. Institutions that Accredit schools have set criteria. Some of them could be having a strong mission to better educate the students and showcasing the proper resources to carry out the same. Schools would witness periodic external reviews. 

To ensure that the set standards are met, and nothing goes wrong in external reviews, schools can also set up internal review programs. This process takes place on both national and regional levels. It also helps students who’re applying to universities in identifying acceptable institutions and the quality of the institutions. Academic affairs work tirelessly to ensure that the quality of the institution matches the standards of the panel. It also underlines the roles of teachers and behavioral standards. In the case of a college transfer, this assists colleges with transfer credit acceptability determination. 

Additionally, it also protects schools from any internal or external pressure that’s harmful. Institutes also get an opportunity to self-improve and raise their standard. The accreditation process includes establishing standards, self-study by the institute, on-site evaluation, publication, and reevaluation. In India, NAAC, National Assessment and Accreditation Council look after the standards of colleges and universities.

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