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Academic Press

Academic Press is a publishing house that’s mostly related to a post-education institution. The press specializes in scholarly work publication that includes journals or monographs. Much of this scholarly work is authored or co-authored by faculty members. University Press is an integral part of large research universities.

Two of the oldest and largest Academic Press in the world include the Oxford University Press and Cambridge University Press. The largest growth in the number of Academic Presses happened in 1945 after the rapid expansion of higher education. The role that it plays cannot be sidelined.

 Although most of the work carried out by the press is academic, sometimes trade books are produced for a lay audience which then get peer-reviewed. The majority of the Academic Presses are non-profit by nature. Due to that, textbooks and reference work also get published. Instructional materials are published. They even tend to sell more copies and have a larger audience. 

A bulk of the academic presses of the world operate at a loss and are subsidized. Others are required to break even. As literary budgets witness a consistent decline year after year, demand has fallen massively. Additionally, the sale of used books online is undercutting the new book market. To adapt, various presses are trying their hands at electronic publishing.

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