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Academic Integrity

Academic integrity is a quality that every student or scholar ought to have. It is the ethics and value that exists in an academic setup. In an educational setup, the learners have to adhere to certain rules and follow moral codes. These are a part of academic integrity. It is all about maintaining the values and not involving cheating, plagiarism, or acts of any such kind. 

The term was used for the first time by Don McCabe. He has expertise in integrity, honour code, and cheating. Mr. Don McCabe is considered the “father of academic integrity”. 

When someone is not coherently following academic integrity, it is called academic misconduct or dishonesty. Now let us look into various aspects of it.

  • In order to maintain the value, try to be true to yourself and to the work you are doing.
  • Ethically perform all your tasks.
  • Make sure that the data is being handled responsibly in compliance with copyright and privacy rules.
  • Submit your works by accurately reporting research findings and according to research standards.

If you are writing a research paper, you are supposed to conform to certain guidelines. If you are mentioning or quoting the works of other authors, you are supposed to follow some guidelines to avoid plagiarism. These procedures would keep you out of trouble. This is one of the examples of how you maintain integrity. 

As a learner or scholar, always make sure that your works have the quality to the mark. It can be inspired by others’ works but not copied from others. 

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