Academic Advisor

An academic advisor is a professional who assists students in their growth and development by building concrete educational plans that are aligned with their specific life goals. By providing this support, academic advisors help students explore their strengths and academic interests. They hold an important role in academic affairs where they direct students through several separate segments such as program selection, scholarships, graduation, and aligning their academic achievements with their personal goals.

What does an academic advisor do?

Academic advisors help students explore their strengths and academic interests and direct them to the best possible options that they have to achieve their career goals.

Academic advisors help students develop solutions to their academic concerns and assist them in defining educational career plans. Providing career guidance is a critical task that the advisors need to take up. Many students are often unaware of which career they would like to pursue.

Not only that, but academic advisors also help develop a plan of study that is appropriate for each student’s academic goals. A survey by SENSE discovered 67% of students say an academic advisor helped them set educational goals and create a plan for achieving them through advisory programs. In addition to this, advisors need to encourage students while providing a realistic perspective on the progress of their academic achievements. Academic advisors are assets that should be available to all students pursuing academics.