What is Quiz

What is Quiz A lot of people ask what is quiz and different people give a different definition of a quiz, let’s know exactly what is quiz. It refers to a fast and informative evaluation of the knowledge of students. Teachers often give a quiz… Read More »What is Quiz

What Is Polytechnic?

What is Polytechnic? A lot of people search for ‘what is polytechnic’, it is one of the most searched questions on the internet. But exactly what is polytechnic? Polytechnic refers to an institution providing vocational education in various subjects. The course delivery method is such… Read More »What Is Polytechnic?

What is PTET?

What is PTET? A lot of people ask what is PTET. PTET, also known as Pre Teacher Eligibility Test is an exam conducted in Rajasthan to check the eligibility of candidates who appear for┬áB.ed teaching exam. To appear for PTET, the candidate must be an… Read More »What is PTET?

What are Life Skills?

A lot of people ask what are life skills and why are they important. Life skills refer to a set of skills acquired by learning and teaching that experiences the problem solving and solution-oriented approach towards life. They include creativity of mind, critical thinking in… Read More »What are Life Skills?

Work-Study Program

The work-study program is also known as the college work-study program. It is a scheme that helps fund and assists the students with their post-education costs. Under this program, sometimes the students work on a part-time job and sometimes off-campus in colleges and universities. Understand… Read More »Work-Study Program

Weighted Grades

Weighted grades are grades assigned to a student, which contributes to their final grade. For instance, the final grade of a particular student accounts for 25 percent of his/her school assignments and projects and the rest 75 percent to the written test and exam. Understand… Read More »Weighted Grades