Ghostwriting is a term that is used in literary or journalistic circles to describe the act of using a writer to write speeches, books, or other texts that are officially credited to another person as the author. Celebrities, executives, political leaders, and participants in news… Read More »Ghostwriting

GATE Syllabus

GATE Syllabus GATE stands for Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering. It is a test exclusively for engineers to pursue higher education and get scholarships and jobs in higher sections pf government. The GATE exam is very difficult to crack and a lot of students consider… Read More »GATE Syllabus

Generation Gap

A generation gap refers to the ideological and philosophical differences between the beliefs and behaviors associated with members of two different generations. To be more specific, a generation gap can be used to describe the differences in actions, tastes, and thoughts exhibited by members of… Read More »Generation Gap

Gestalt Psychology

Gestalt psychology, also known as gestaltism or configurationism, is a field of study under psychology that emerged in the early 20th century in Germany and Austria as a theory of perception that was a rejection of basic principles of Edward Titchener’s and Wilhelm Wundt’s structuralist… Read More »Gestalt Psychology


GPAT stands for Graduate Pharmacy Aptitude Test. It is an annual all‑India examination on computer-based test mode only that is conducted by the National Testing Agency for the evaluation of candidates for the admission of Pharmacy graduates into the Master’s programs called M. Pharm. Up… Read More »GPAT

GRE Exam Fee

The GRE exam is one of the most famous and most accepted assessment programs for admissions to law or business schools. The GRE is accepted by thousands of universities and colleges worldwide. The full form of GRE is Graduate Record Examination, and the exam is… Read More »GRE Exam Fee

GMAT Syllabus

Students willing to make a career in management can apply for the GMAT exam. The test scores of this management examination are widely accepted by various institutes all over the world. However, candidates must know and understand the GMAT syllabus in detail to increase their… Read More »GMAT Syllabus

Gate Pass

Students’ security is a great concern for parents and school authorities. Moreover, providing a safe and secure environment is vital for residential and day schools. If students live in a hostel, the responsibility of school administration is doubled. They need to follow strict guidelines while… Read More »Gate Pass