Grammar School

A Grammar School is a kind of school which is usually based in the UK and other western countries. It was originally a school teaching Latin. The students’ selection is made by conducting an entrance exam. The children who manage to pass the exam go… Read More »Grammar School

Gallery Walk

Posters and gallery walk is a course delivery method that increases student engagement. The instructional materials used to increase the student activity in the classroom, and make it more interesting for both students and teachers. Posters and gallery walk methodology has the benefits of flexible… Read More »Gallery Walk

Growth Mindset

A growth mindset is a learning theory developed by Dr. Carol Dweck. It centers around the belief that any student can improve their intelligence, ability, and performance with the right mindset.  Growth mindset is opposite to the fixed mindset, that means a student’s talents are… Read More »Growth Mindset


Grounding is a form of punishment often used by educational institutes and parents alike to inculcate discipline in students. Grounded students are forbidden to leave their place of residence, except for essential activities like going to school or attending a place of worship.  Grounding is… Read More »Grounding


Grant is a sum of money usually given by a governmental agency or community group for a specific purpose. Grant given for education is an educational grant.  Grants are given to many stakeholders in an educational institute, including students, teachers, and schools. Sometimes, a lot… Read More »Grant

Graduation Rate

A graduation rate is the measure of the students who graduated in six years for four years of a graduate program and three years for two years. The rating is done based on the number of students that have completed their degree and the number… Read More »Graduation Rate

Graduate School

The term graduate school refers to the college or university that provides post-graduate degrees to the students applying for a master’s degree or doctoral degree.  The undergraduate degree is also known as the first degree required to enroll in graduate school. A student must possess… Read More »Graduate School

Graduate Application

As the name describes, a graduate application is an application filled by the students applying for a Master’s or Doctoral degree. To enroll in an application, the applicant must complete the procedure and follow the application process guideline. The applications are submitted online through the… Read More »Graduate Application

Grading on a Curve

Methods used by lecturers to adjust their students’ grades are known as Grading on a curve. Teachers assign the grades to the students in the classroom to approach an average distribution of grades. It helps in comparing students based on their test performance with their… Read More »Grading on a Curve


Grading refers to the approach of implementing absolute measurements of diverse achievement levels in any course. Grades can be from A to F, 1 to 6, or any number (out of 100). The system was introduced in the country to match the international grade range.… Read More »Grading