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GPS Full Form

The acronym “GPS” has become synonymous with navigation, seamlessly guiding us through unknown streets and finding hidden gems on our travels. But have you ever stopped to wonder what GPS stands for? The GPS Full Form is Global Positioning System, a complex yet fascinating network… Read More »GPS Full Form

Group Work Definition

Group work definition refers to the collaborative effort of a team or a group of individuals to achieve a shared goal or objective. It involves individuals coming together with a common purpose to solve a problem, accomplish a task or create a product. Group work… Read More »Group Work Definition

Garden Leave

Garden leave is a period of time during which an employee remains away from work or works remotely while on notice. The employee stays on the payroll and is in the process of being terminated, but is not permitted to return to work or begin… Read More »Garden Leave


Gaokao is the nationwide entrance exam that all students must take if they want to pursue education in China or if they want to get into their favorite university/ college. Passing it can be a nerve-wracking process as it is one of the most difficult… Read More »GAOKAO


The gurukula or gurukulam system had its origin in 5000 BC. The term ‘gurukula’ or ‘gurukulam’ is a combination of two words ‘guru’, which means teacher, and ‘kula’, which means family or home. Gurukal was a residential school system that used to be prevalent during… Read More »Gurukulam

Grammar Nazi

You must have across some people in your life who is keen to correct other people’s grammatical errors. It could be your friend or some random person you might be in your life. Such people are what you might call a Grammar Nazi. Correcting other… Read More »Grammar Nazi

GK Book

A GK book, short for general knowledge book, is a brief compilation of essential facts and trivia which is an integral part of every student’s syllabus from grades 1 through 10. Usually printed as concise collections of colorful pages filled with vibrant imagery, they provide… Read More »GK Book

Introducing the World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology
World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology