Shiksha Mitra

Shiksha Mitra
Shiksa mitra is an educational initiative that aims to provide a good quality education through online learning at an affordable price. Turn the young population into the productive asset of the nation. They help in the transition from student to professional. Shiksha mitra is driven by a mission to empower students and job seekers of all skill levels with the combination of cognition, behaviour, awareness, and experience needed for their future exams. It is a connecting line from school life to the good life. The learner-centred models involve learners in an active role towards various tests and exams. The exam simulation concept is rooted in creating and amplifying real-world experiences with pre-prepared, immersive models and prepares students for exams and exams in the classroom. The mobile app-based tests help students feel like they are appearing for their respective exams. When students know they need to perform in a risk-free environment, the whole experience builds their skills and confidence. For this reason, a one-size-fits-all curriculum, has been the trend in India, means that many children are left behind and ultimately excluded from the education system. Convinced that education must be aligned with a broader vision of society, emphasizing creativity and equal respect for people and the natural environment, Shiksha mitra was created in 2005 to address these concerns. this concern. It is a non-profit organization dedicated to egalitarian pedagogy and sustainable learning.


1- What is the salary in a Shiksha Mitra?

Answer- The average salary in Shiksha Mitra is around INR 2,00000

2- When was Shiksha Mitra created?

Answer- Shiksha Mitra was created in 2005.

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