Teaching is one of the key instruments of education and its function is to offer a better understanding of concepts and skills. It is called a process wherein the teacher instructs a single student or a group of students. It is an act of giving… Read More »Teaching

Teacher’s Day

Teacher’s Day is all about celebrating the noble profession of teaching. The day is celebrated in India with great enthusiasm. On this day, teachers of schools and colleges are given gifts by their students as a token of appreciation and respect. It is observed on… Read More »Teacher’s Day

Teacher Training Courses

Teacher training courses refer to the training of the teachers who want to make their careers in the teaching profession. These training courses are often designed on a short-term basis to serve the purpose quickly and effectively.  Additionally, the syllabus for these courses may also… Read More »Teacher Training Courses

Teacher Interviews

Teacher interviews are interviews conducted to test prospective candidates to see if they have the skills, experience, and knowledge to take up a teacher’s position in any educational organization. When it comes to cracking teacher interviews, the candidates need to prepare a lot, as good… Read More »Teacher Interviews

Teacher Education

Teacher education is an important training program in any educational setup. It deals with procedures, provisions, and policies, to make candidates learn and gain knowledge about various concepts. They get trained to equip themselves with the best teaching skills, knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors which are… Read More »Teacher Education


A teacher is a teaching professional who is meant to help the students to gain knowledge, competence, and virtue. For the primary and pre-primary, the class setup remains informal as primary school teachers try to use friendly environment methods to teach young children. Such examples… Read More »Teacher

Tacit Knowledge

Tacit Knowledge is a type of knowledge that is difficult for any person to transfer to another in the form of writing or verbalizing it. It is also called implicit knowledge, which is opposite to formal, or explicit knowledge.  The idea of Tacit Knowledge can… Read More »Tacit Knowledge

Threshold Concept

Threshold concept refers to a core concept that a student must know about a particular subject. Threshold concepts, also known as threshold knowledge, when once understood by the student, completely changes their outlook on a particular subject matter, experience, or phenomenon.  The threshold concept was… Read More »Threshold Concept

Think Pair Share

TPS or Think Pair Share helps students to think individually on any topic. With Think Pair Share, teachers ask students to share their ideas with their classmates in the classroom via communication skills. This not only improves the communication skills of a student but also… Read More »Think Pair Share