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School Management Software

Simplify the school’s administrative process through digitization and automation - use the best School Management Software in the market and experience the simplicity and efficiency.

Best School Management Software


State-of-the-art ERP System

Equip the school with the best ERP system that’s aimed at helping them digitize & automate their time-consuming day-to-day operations

Effective LMS Solution

Transform the classroom with easier assignment & evaluation of homework and tests, sharing of study materials, and lesson plan tracking and more!

Premium Quality Digital Content

Use our Premium Digital Content to make classes interactive, immersive, and engaging.


Improved Operational Efficiency

Teachmint’s Integrated School Platform offers seamless integration of LMS, ERP, and Digital Content in a school environment in such a way that it benefits all the stakeholders involved. The process of school management becomes easier with all the individual ERP features working in sync with each other.
For example, after a student has been admitted to the school through the Admission Management portal, all the information that has been given to the school so far via the Admission Portal will be automatically added to the Student Information System.

Government compliance report generation is another area where the Integrated School Platform can really help. Using the information gathered from the Student Information System (which can be expanded with the addition of custom fields), operational efficiency can also be enhanced by using the information available on the ERP. It saves a lot of time and effort on the part of the admins.

Greater Student Engagement

Teachmint’s LMS is quite advanced and has a variety of features that can greatly enhance the classroom experience.
For example, connecting with different kinds of students who learn at different paces can be quite difficult. While some students easily understand a concept when explained once, the same might not be the case with someone else.

Similarly, while some students might be good auditory learners, others might find it easier when visual aids are used.

This disconnect in the classroom can be bridged by using tools such as multimedia Digital Content, multiple types of homework and study materials of different types.

If the students have doubts they need to resolve, they can either ask the questions after the class with the Classroom Chat or message the teacher individually using the Private Chat option.

An Extra Layer of Parental Involvement

All the information related to each and every student in the classroom is stored in the Student Information System. This information can be easily accessed by the parents via the Parent App. Parents will also be notified of all the activities that take place at the school and with regard to the respective student.
This may include announcements made through the Communication Module such as Annual Day, PTA meetings, final day for fee payments, as well as alerts regarding individual student progress such as report cards, exam results, homework deadlines, etc.

Seamless Staff Management

The staff is an integral part of the school and tracking their attendance is also a very important aspect for the smooth functioning of the school. The school administration can analyze staff attendance and the leaves they take by using our Human Resource Management System (HRMS portal).
The admins can keep track of the leaves each teacher is taking, how much homework is assigned to the students by their respective teachers, and even the attendance of the teachers via biometric authentication.

Effortless Document Generation

The biggest advantage of having all the information of the school on one platform is that it helps in the automation of operations.
Using the information in the Student Information System, the ERP software is able to generate ID cards, certificates, report cards, fee receipts, and even admit cards instantaneously
These are readily available to print or can be downloaded as PDF documents to be sent to the people concerned.

Detailed Reports & Analytics

Teachmint’s school management software helps all the respective stakeholders keep track of student progress at a very fundamental level.
They can get detailed reports on attendance, how many students are above the minimum attendance threshold, and general classroom performance reports based on the information provided in the Student Information System.

The school administration can also automatically create fee reports on the basis of the applied filter (student-wise, department-wise, class-wise, etc.) which greatly reduces the time required to print it out manually for each student.

Running a school is a challenging task and involves several layers of control and paperwork. Outsourcing all the administrative processes to the school management software can relieve the staff to focus on student-centric learning, soft skill training, and several other life skill training sessions. Using school management system software is therefore a necessity


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