Knowledge Visualization

Knowledge Visualization is the process of communicating and disseminating information in various visual formats like Infographics, dashboard systems, diagrams, pie charts or bar graphs, and sketches and illustrations. This is a new field in research. It focuses on creating and transferring knowledge with the help… Read More »Knowledge Visualization

Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge transfer refers to a practical method of knowledge transition from one person to another. This dissemination of knowledge helps in problem-solving. It requires a two-way exchange for meaningful and long-term collaborations.  The knowledge transfer method involves active participation from the institutes, as the institutes… Read More »Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge Management

Knowledge management refers to learning different strategies, emerging theories, and putting the knowledge into practice. There are three management stages — gathering knowledge, storing the information, and sharing the results.  Knowledge management ensures the schools or universities have a practical model of education that benefits… Read More »Knowledge Management