Teaching is one of the key instruments of education and its function is to offer a better understanding of concepts and skills. It is called a process wherein the teacher instructs a single student or a group of students. It is an act of giving instructions to the learners in a classroom of a feeder school or any other institute. One of the vital functions of teaching is to make it effective. 

Teaching and learning are interlinked to each other. Teachers have to teach a given syllabus in a particular period of time. Some also define it to be a process of attending to the needs, doubts, and issues of students, which in turn helps them grow as a person and thus learn the subjects better.

In the modern context, the term teaching is more confined to schools and schooling. One way to understand the role of the teacher is by going through the roles and responsibilities mentioned in the job profile of a teacher. In general, a teacher’s role is to create a better learning environment where students enjoy learning, being a mentor, guide, and friend to his/her students.

These roles and responsibilities will give you insight on what are the key attributes a teacher should have for teaching efficiently. Whether it is a primary school teacher or any other teacher, their goal remains the same – to cater to the information and make the students learn.

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