An online whiteboard helps teachers interact with students in real-time via the internet. They offer the same experience as a traditional whiteboard but are connected to the internet and facilitate digitizing the content written on them. This helps teachers explain things in a better way in an online classroom setting. Teachmint’s online whiteboard feature can be quite beneficial in an online classroom scenario because it enables teachers to explain and explore ideas with students.
Online whiteboards are a better tool during live classes and presentations because traditional whiteboards are restricted to paper documents, chalk or cards. Teachmint’s whiteboard gives teachers the ability to collaborate online, not letting distance stand as an obstacle to progress. The purpose of Teachmint’s whiteboard is to visualize thoughts, and concepts, write down ideas, explain and teach in detail also plan and design along with the class looking at it. Teachers can make use of its many features to simplify complex topics by using diagrams, tables, and charts, making the learning process more visual and engaging.
Why Teachmint?
Online class is a relatively new way of teaching and learning, and some people might require assistance in adapting to the various features of such an application. Teachmint is simple to use and understand and offers teachers and students features that make online classroom learning seem less daunting and more apprehensible. Using Teachmint’s whiteboard would help teachers create an environment where students can interact with the teacher while they are explaining the concepts hence enhancing the teaching and learning process by maintaining the active involvement of students in the classroom scenario.
Benefits of Online Whiteboard
  1. Provides interactive learning
  2. Using Teachmint’s whiteboard brings in an interactive learning experience. Students find it easier to understand with a pictorial interactive explanation. Students are able to interact and ask doubts while the teachers can write/draw and explain them. Teachmint’s whiteboard helps teachers to manage students’ attention where they have focused on the board that the teachers want them to be looking at. It enables students to learn by interacting with the learning material during an online class.
  3. Saves time
  4. It is a fact that students understand better when explained virtually rather than just by lecturing them, the online whiteboard here acts as the savior as it helps teachers to explain topics with a virtual explanation using the online whiteboard. Hence it saves their time. Rather than explaining the same topic repeatedly, when they explain it with diagrams and written notes on the screen, students will be able to grab the knowledge sooner.
  5. Makes the learning process more enjoyable
  6. Students get disinterested when they are lectured on the same concept repeatedly, yet when they get an explanation virtually they go from passive learners to active participants in the classroom environment.
  7. Encourages student engagement
  8. Students tend to engage more when teachers use an online whiteboard as they are virtually looking at the learning resources. Using Teachmint’s whiteboard helps teachers to engage students in collaborative discussions or quizzes.
  9. Multiple features
  10. The whiteboard provides many useful features namely an eraser tool where you can erase what you write, the pen tool allows you to write where you could also control the pen width, next comes the multiple colour choice option where you can choose the colour you want to use in the pen, another feature is the pointer which allows you to point out on the screen. There are other tools like the delete option where you can delete what you draw or write on the whiteboard, you could also use another tool to draw shapes. Adding to these you can also add pages to the whiteboard and undo and redo things you have drawn on the screen.
Teachmint’s whiteboard feature helps in enhancing the teaching and learning process. The online whiteboard helps in building a collaborative environment as it helps to write, draw and visualize concepts online. It allows students to actively participate and collaborate.
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