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Making education accessible and affordable has been a major aim of Teachmint, and it is with this vision that we have decided to democratize education. Teachmint’s low bandwidth requirements also make sure that it is accessible even in the remotest parts of the world. Now Teachmint is turning its head towards how to make online classes more engaging and fun - and this is where Teachmint’s live poll feature comes in. The Live Poll feature can be used by teachers to help improve interaction in the virtual classroom manifold. Read on to learn how.
The Live Poll feature of Teachmint helps teachers make the class more lively by creating instant polls in a classroom. Students can answer the questions within the time specified by the teacher after which the teacher will get to see who answered which questions correctly and who got what questions wrong. How can the Live Poll Feature help in a virtual classroom? Given below are a few ideas:
  1. Increased Engagement
  2. Using Teachmint’s live poll feature can help improve the overall engagement of a class. The teacher can use it as a means of conducting mini-quizzes within the class and bringing a sort of competition among students. This will ensure that the students in the class have an interactive infotainment session.
  3. Active Classroom
  4. Improving classroom engagement directly translates to a lively classroom environment. When students are engaged effectively, the overall attention span of the average student is also improved immensely. This way, the teacher can make sure that the students are engaged with the lesson and that the effectiveness of the class is not compromised in any way.
  5. Easy
  6. The Live Poll feature is extremely easy to understand and use. Everything from setting up the live poll to seeing the results after it is done is extremely easy to get behind. This ease of operation makes this feature even more enticing to teachers because it can help them make their classes more effective without having to learn an entirely new set of skills.
  7. Keeps Track of Students’ Attentiveness
  8. Making use of the Live Poll feature keeps students attentive in class because the teacher can put up a live quiz whenever they deem it fit. This means that the students will have to pay attention in class lest the teacher conducts a surprise live poll to make sure that the students had in fact paid attention in class and were making notes.
  9. Encourages Critical Thinking
  10. Thinking on your feet is definitely a skill that students need to develop from a very young age. Quick decision-making is a quality that a lot of employers look for in potential employees, and training students to do so at a young age is beneficial for their future. A good sense of critical thinking can be an asset in any profession, and so it is quintessential for students to learn and develop critical thinking skills. The younger they are, the better they will be able to develop it. This is why Teachmint’s Live Poll feature is so effective - it helps students stay on track with the lesson they are attending while also forcing them to think on their feet, hence giving them practice for the same.
  11. Instant Results
  12. One of the main reasons why Teachmint’s Live Poll feature is so useful is that it provides instant results. The teacher will be able to set a timer after the question has been announced to the class, and as soon as the time is up, the teacher will get to know how many students answered, how many students got it right, how many got it wrong, and who were the students who got it right and wrong as well. Since this information is provided to the teacher instantly after the poll is over, teachers can make decisions based on them in real-time regarding who did not understand the concept being taught, and in turn, who needs assistance.
Making the virtual world your home is the most fundamental aim of Teachmint and we will continue to add features for making online learning fun, engaging, and easier in the future. Live Polls are just one of those features in a grand array of functions Teachmint has - and we will continue to expand towards the goal of making it easy for both students and teachers.
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3) Can students answer the Live Poll once the time is up?
4) Can the teacher know if a student has not answered a particular question?
5) Can the Live Poll feature be used on both the mobile application and the web application?
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